Sun-Mi Venema

Motivational Speaker

From normal life to Locked-in syndrome.
Her inspiring story and three published books.

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Dark Clouds

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A limitation does not mean that you cannot achieve anything as a human being in this life!

On October 25 in 2001, Sun-Mi became seriously ill. She developed the so-called Locked-in syndrome. She developed a thrombosis in the bloodstreams of her brain. A blood clot that cuts off the supply of oxygen-rich blood. That was the beginning of the biggest battle of her life: following years of therapy, she fights for a dignified and optimistic existence despite everything. Unfortunately, she can no longer speak, but communicates via her speech computer.

Sun-Mi has written 2 books with 1 finger. Her third book Dark Clouds was recently published. The English translation of her second book Donkere wolken. “Writing is an emotional outlet for me. My frustration, sadness, feeling, what I'm going through such as funny and fun things, stimulating things (food for thought).” Sun-Mi has been in newspapers and magazines. She has also participated in various TV programs. In 2020 she participated in the Dutch TV program: Je zal het maar hebben. Sun-Mi is also engaged in giving lectures about her life. She gives lectures at schools, universities, and conferences. At national and international level. In 2018 she was asked as a motivational speaker at the Spinal Cord Injury Congress on the tropical island of Curaçao.

In 2021 and 2022 she was a motivational speaker at the acquired brain injury conference.
In November 2023 she was a motivational speaker at the conference of the Association of Dental Care for Special Care Groups. With the theme: when things don't come easy.
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Until a miracle happened in Sun-Mi her life at the end of 2018. After more than 17 years, she learns to talk again. Which is difficult, but it works!

People have said to me: “A battle is not fought if there hasn’t been any fighting!” Which path would you choose?