“Sun-Mi's lecture is an interesting and relevant topic for many people!”

Former President of the House of Representatives
Khadija Arib

About 80% of the students that Sun-Mi gave a minor to have written an essay about her lecture and her person. As the most impressive and instructive moment.

University of Amsterdam

How nice to meet Sun-Mi. What a sense of humor she has. I am very happy with her message. The fact that she also shares her message with the students shows courage and audacity. Sun-Mi makes them aware of life and the care system. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation. She is living proof that there is life, after almost 18 years with Locked-in syndrome. I would love to see her again as a guest lecturer at UMC Utrecht.

UMC Utrecht

We focus on investigating personality, subjective well-being ("happiness"), mood (anxiety/depression), emotions, the changes in these characteristics over the life course and their underlying mechanisms, interactions and mutual adaptations with the environment in which one lives and grows. The psychological and physical problems of a person, but more importantly: how do you survive those problems? Sun-Mi's lecture is therefore an enormous enrichment of education!

University of Groningen

We want Sun-Mi in our curriculum! She is very valuable to the students and we respect her as a person.

Free University in Amsterdam

The lecture is very inspiring. The students were all impressed by Sun-Mi's story and the atmosphere during the lecture.

NHL in Leeuwarden

In medicine, Sun-Mi's lecture would be a great contribution; early on in the study, it is good for students to become acquainted with the experience of patients; not so much to understand what it means to be on the other side of the needle, but to hear what disease itself does to a person.

Leiden University Medical Center in Leiden

The teachers and the students who attended were very impressed with Sun-Mi's story and positive way of life. All praise for Sun-Mi and they have gained a lot of life wisdom from it. They thank Sun-Mi very much!

The Hague University of Applied Sciences in The Hague

What students think:

“Sun-Mi gave a guest lecture to my class. In the beginning I had questions like: “Can she shake my hand?” and such, but soon I got into a conversation and noticed that she is anything but taking on the victim role. Sun-Mi has humor and it's surprising how much you can laugh at a horn on a wheelchair. She makes you think. “What if I get into such a situation?” If Sun-Mi was a cook, her specialty was Food For Thought.”

Sun-Mi has a radiant personality, she is positive and she has so much humor! She has so much strength and progression from within. She sees what she can do and doesn't let anyone stop her! I wish her luck in learning to talk, but she really doesn't need it, because she's doing a really great job!"

“This lecture has made me wonder why I'm giving up and not fighting for my dreams. You have inspired me a lot Sun-Mi.”

“We are too focused on the things we can't do. We have to focus on the things we can do and think more from our strength. Sun-Mi's beautiful story has made me more aware of that. Thanks for that.'

Thank you for the beautiful and motivating words. Sun-Mi showed me how much power positivity has. This society and the people in it often forget one thing they have and that is health. If I were asked before the lecture what I would do in Sun-Mi's situation? Then I would have answered with 99 percent certainty that I would like to be dead. Sun-Mi showed me that 'mindset' can contribute so much to your happiness. If I were asked the same thing now, I would answer that I want to make the best of it. Sun-Mi has also shown (something I often forget) that life is a 'gift' to be cherished. Thank you for this.'

Sun-Mi has so much light in her personality it overtakes all the darkness that has comes to her. That is powerfull!’

‘It is so beautiful to see that Sun-Mi has retained her cheerfullness and upbeat personality. If everyone had a fraction of the strenght and perseverance she has, the world would be a more beautiful place. Sun-Mi has give me a new way of looking at the world around me. She is such a beautiful person and even more beautiful soul.’

‘When something really bad happens to me, I would always look back to Sun-Mi as a example of making Sun in the storm.

‘There are always bright sides on the horizon. The question is: can you spot them? Seeing Sun-Mi happy, her positivity and hearing her laugh, made me aware that Sun-Mi spot the bright sides. There is always something to live for. I think I became a step closer to the point of spotting them. Thank you so much Sun-Mi.’

What people in the Caribbean think about it:

Somedays I don’t have the energy to do something. Sun-Mi made me realize how I let seconds and minutes of every day go to lose. I’m not living the purpose God made me for. Thank you for giving me hope.’

Much love for Sun-Mi from Curaçao

It was very emotional. It made me reflect on life how fast it can change. I am honored to have been able to share in journey where Sun-Mi came from and where she is today. I pray God keep her positive and happy as possible. So Sun-Mi is the light for everyone she comes in contact with.’

With love from Sint Maarten

First of all I’m very proud of Sun-Mi and what she have reached so far. I’m glad that she got a break trough for herself. My thought of Sun-Mi was: wow she is so brave and positive. I want also help people like you do. Thank you for inspiring me.’

Greetings from Bonaire

It was emotional but upbuilding. Amazing how Sun-Mi pushed her life together and do so much. Travel the world to share her message with us. While of first sight she seems so unable to do that. Live life to the fulliest no matter what. Thank you Sun-Mi for tis fantastic lecture. You must do that for the whole world.’