Sun-Mi Venema was struck by a rare disease right before she turned eighteen, Locked-in syndrome. Because of that, she can no longer walk or talk. She ended up in a wheelchair and had to start living a new and completely different life.

Suddenly the young and lively girl turned into a paralyzed woman. After publishing her first Dutch autobiographical book, dark clouds started drifting into her life again. When you are surrounded by darkness, how can you still make your life worth living? You will find an answer to that question in this book. Thanks to her family, friends and especially because of her own perseverance Sun-Mi managed to find happiness again.

Sun-Mi hopes to inspire everyone in a special and powerful way. Life is worth living, no matter how hard and hopeless it may seem sometimes.


Sun-Mi's second book is impressive, moving and strong!

Just like Sun-Mi itself actually. She has expressed her feelings beautifully so that you are completely immersed in her story and empathize with her. I read it in one sitting and for a long time wondered if I could be as brave as her.” Irene Moors a Dutch celebrity

“I read Sun-Mi's book in one sitting. I was very impressed. As a person, it makes me aware in social work how much care can affect a person. I have cried, but I have laughed a lot too! Super beautiful book, highly recommended.”

“Sun-Mi has worked so hard to get her life back on track. She has a lot of perseverance and an is an inspiration to many, as is apparent from all the sweet reactions from the students. And then there is also this wonderful second book. I'm sure her father is watching her from his star and feels pride. There are no doubts about it. In any case, I am very proud of Sun-Mi!"

"Sometimes a song is enough, to give someone a shoulder to lean on. At 'Dark Clouds' I am sure that Sun-Mi can inspire people to make something of their life again."

"I read Sun-Mi's beautiful book in one sitting. She writes so beautifully and she remains so close to people. She lets the reader look directly into her soul. I was still thinking about the sentence: Believe you can and you're halfway there, but Sun-Mi is already completely there!"

“I finished Sun-Mi's book. I now understand even more how she feels. Even more of what she's been through. She was forced to fight, to claim her happiness. It is a beautiful book that is very pleasant to read. Clear language. Good structure and the emotions are palpable. It gives me the strength to fight.”

“Sun-Mi has delivered a fantastic performance with her limitation/disability. Everyone should know that!!!! Please stay the beautiful Sun-Mi that you are. With her lectures and her second wonderful book. Either way, her message gets through to everyone.”

This book is a must read for everyone! Life is sometimes difficult and complicated, but if you read the book Donkere wolken, it is not as difficult and complicated as it seems. People like Sun-Mi, who in her book shows the way or which path you can choose, gives more insight into life. Thank you Sun-Mi Venema.’’